Professional Malpractice Claims

Business owners and professionals are responsible for the caliber of their work and adhering to accepted standards of practice. They can be legally liable for errors, omissions or negligence, including fraud, misrepresentation and non-performance.

Charapp & Weiss has three decades of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex professional liability cases throughout Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. The firm focuses largely on legal malpractice and accounting malpractice claims.

Professional representation in legal malpractice matters

The firm has significant experience investigating claims of legal malpractice to determine conflicts of interest, unethical conduct and other disciplinary matters related to attorneys who work in a wide range of practice areas.

Attorneys at the law firm have earned a reputation for successfully litigating these complex cases.

Trusted accounting malpractice attorneys

Charapp & Weiss investigates claims of accounting malpractice to resolve claims of conflicts of interest, improper accounting conduct and fraudulent tax preparation and filing.

Sophisticated representation. Attentive service.

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