VEBA Plan Fraud Protection

Many employees rely on voluntary employees’ beneficiary association (VEBA) plans to provide health benefits when they are needed. However, due to fraud and misrepresentation by insurance companies and insurance plan promoters, many of these plans are defective, leaving employees without the benefits they depend on.

When this occurs, an experienced VEBA plan lawyer can help employees seek the benefits owed to them through litigation against the parties who committed fraud. The law firm of Charapp & Weiss has substantial experience in VEBA plan fraud protection litigation, and is dedicated to helping consumers recover the benefits and other moneys lost because of defective or defunct VEBA plans.

Helping consumers understand VEBA plan benefits

A voluntary employees’ beneficiary association, or VEBA, is a trust fund that is set up by a voluntary association of employees that provides employee benefits. Typical benefits include the following:

  • Health reimbursements
  • Severance
  • Pay for sick leave
  • Supplemental unemployment
  • Life Insurance
  • Accident benefits
  • Childcare costs
  • Legal services costs
  • Employee continuing education


VEBA plan fraud and misrepresentation harms consumers

VEBA plans must follow strict guidelines under the applicable tax laws. Unfortunately, insurance plan promoters who are eager to make commissions often fraudulently misrepresent VEBA plans to the detriment of the employees they are supposed to benefit. For example, VEBA plans must be nondiscriminatory in the payment of benefits to employees. However, many promoters target primarily the highest paid employees in a company. Although VEBA plans are tax-exempt when approved by the IRS, violation of nondiscrimination results in loss of the tax-exempt status.

Leading VEBA plan attorneys fighting fraud

In addition to illegal pay level discrimination, the VEBA plan lawyers of Charapp & Weiss offer representation in VEBA cases involving all types of fraud and misrepresentation, including problems with the following:

  • Plan underfunding
  • Plan overfunding
  • Deductibility of employer contributions
  • Tax exemption status of plans

Sophisticated representation. Attentive service.

Contact a VEBA plan attorney at Charapp & Weiss today for more information about fraud protection and targeted solutions for your defective VEBA benefit plan.