Retirement Plan Fraud Protection

The laws regarding retirement plans are so complex that plans often fail to meet the tax rules under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Financial service professionals who market and sell retirement plans without proper training and a satisfactory understanding of the relevant laws, which is necessary to sell the right plan to the right business owner, worsen this situation. In many cases, these professionals may purposefully fail to disclose the details of a plan in order to make a sale regardless of its consequences for the purchaser. This negligent and fraudulent action can have serious financial and tax consequences for consumers who do not first seek the advice of a knowledgeable retirement plan lawyer.

The retirement plan lawyers at Charapp & Weiss offer advice, counseling, and legal representation for plaintiffs involved in litigation over defective retirement plans. With offices in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, the firm serves the entire US. Our retirement plan fraud protection services extend to clients who have been harmed because of fraud and misrepresentation in all types of financial services and retirement plans, including the following:


Helping consumers recover for losses caused by defective retirement plans

Consumer loss associated with a defective retirement plan can be exceptionally high. Consumers fund defective retirement plans for years, only to be left with a plan that does not provide the promised benefits. This can be because a business owner is guilty of pension plan dipping or because the plan was defective from the outset. Some common defects include the following:

  • Failure to comply with the IRC
  • Plans incorrectly claiming exemptions from sections of the IRC, including sections 409, 414, 505, and 79
  • Plans incorrectly claiming exemptions from compliance with ERISA
  • Improper tax deductions

When a plan is defective, consumers face serious tax consequences in addition to their lost benefits, including costly tax penalties imposed by the IRS. Consumers must take time-consuming corrective measures, including amending their taxes for unlawful deductions.

By utilizing our expertise in litigation, our retirement plan attorneys help consumers recover the unpaid benefits owed to them under a retirement plan, and seek just compensation for the time and money spent on defective retirement plans.

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