The Charapp & Weiss Monthly Newsletter for Auto Dealers

Representing auto dealers in all aspects of their businesses has been at the core of Charapp & Weiss for three decades. The Charapp & Weiss Monthly Newsletter for auto dealers contains up-to-date developments in the auto industry and recommendations to ensure successful business operations.

  • May 2014 Feature Articles: Third Party Lead Providers; Fair Labor Standards Act Enforcement; A Release for Performing Recall Repairs?; Local and State Minimum Wage Increases
  • April 2014 Feature Articles: FTC Advertising Offensive Continues; Dealing with False Online Reviews; Reminder on Recalls; GM Indemnification Not Affected by Bankruptcy
  • March 2014  Feature Articles: Franchise Myths; “We’re from the FTC. We’re just here to help.”
  • February 2014 Feature Articles: Adopt a Fair Credit Compliance Policy; Be Careful with Claimants’ Attorneys; Disposal of Undeployed Airbags; Review of Supplier Contracts: Attorneys’ Fees Provisions
  • January 2014 Feature Articles: 14 for ’14
  • December 2013 Feature Articles: Compliance: Who is in Charge?; I Don’t Have to Show you Any Stinking Badges; Tips on Preparing for 2014
  • November 2013 Feature Articles: Advertising – A Short Quiz; FCC Makes Important Changes to TCPA Rules; Body Shop Managers Must Know the Antitrust Laws; December 1 Compliance Date for HAZCOM Training
  • October 2013 Feature Articles: Dealer Franchise and Licensing Laws – More Important Than Ever
  • September 2013 Feature Articles: How Well Do You and Your Managers Know the Basics of Personnel Law?; FTC Takes Advertising Action; NHTSA Rule on Manufacturer Defect Reporting and Used Car Sales; Answers to Employment Quiz
  • August 2013 Feature Articles: Don’t Get Deened; Sweepstakes Promotions; Do you Have a Cash Reporting and Money Laundering Prevention Policy
  • July 2013 Feature Articles: Be Careful Using Criminal Background Checks; Do you Know the Rules for Advertising Credit; Short Cuts – Validity of Class Action Waivers, Members of Congress Demand Answers from CFPB, FTC Issues New Red Flags Rule Guide
  • June 2013 Feature Articles: Compulsory Process; A Death Sentence for Misrepresentations?; Continuing Privacy Notice Requirements; Environmental Study for a Rental Property; Compliance Updates

Please note that the articles contained in the newsletters are designed to give general information on the developments covered, not to serve as legal advice related to specific situations or as a legal opinion. Counsel should be consulted for legal advice.

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