The Charapp & Weiss Monthly Newsletter for Auto Dealers

Representing auto dealers in all aspects of their businesses has been at the core of Charapp & Weiss for three decades. The Charapp & Weiss Monthly Newsletter for auto dealers contains up-to-date developments in the auto industry and recommendations to ensure successful business operations.

  • March 2017 Feature Articles:  Spot Delivery – A Quiz; CFPB Wins a Battle But Will it Win the War?; Answers
  • February 2017 Feature Articles: Make Sure You Use Only Licensed Software;  Marketing Through Calls and Texts;  Labor Law Developments
  • January 2017 Feature Article:  17 for ’17
  • December 2016 Feature Articles:  Revised Used Car Buyers Guide by January 27, 2017 or…; New I-9 Form Must be Used by January 22, 2017; 2016 Election Results – Changes May Take Longer than you Think; The Future of Employment Arbitration Agreements; Overtime Regulations Change Enjoined.
  • November 2016 Feature Articles: What the Election Results Mean to Your Dealership; Labor Developments; What Dealerships Can Learn From Wikileaks; Buyer’s Order in a Lease Deal?
  • October 2016 Feature Articles: New Vehicle Modifications; Advertising Mistake? Act Quickly!; The Military Lending Act: How Does It Affect Your Dealership?
  • September 2016 Feature Articles: Hidden Triggers, The CFPB Wants to Increase your Dealership’s Potential Liability; The Push Down on Small Business; and Pay Attention to Insurance Reporting
  • August 2016 Feature Articles: Indemnification under Indirect Finance and Lease Agreements; Congress Adds Weight to Government Agency Hammers – Massive Weight; The 2016 Election and Car Dealers; Your General Office Will Get Very Busy
  • July 2016 Feature Articles: The Supreme Court May Have to Decide; EEOC: How is your Anti-Harassment Training Going?; FTC Issues Advertising Enforcement Statement; Do your Employees Have an Expectation of Privacy for Emails?
  • June 2016 Feature Articles: Recall Updates; New White Collar Salary Threshold – Q&A; New Federal Law to Protect Trade Secrets
  • May 2016 Feature Articles: CFPB Seeks to Ban Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements on Finance Products and Services; Don’t get stuck with a long term SUPPLIER CONTRACT; I-9 Expired? Use it Anyway
  • April 2016 Feature Articles:  Recall Q&A; Answers; Still Filling the Federal Bucket List
  • March 2016 Feature Articles: Filling that Federal Bucket List; Recall Developments; Data Protection

Please note that the articles contained in the newsletters are designed to give general information on the developments covered, not to serve as legal advice related to specific situations or as a legal opinion. Counsel should be consulted for legal advice.

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