The Charapp & Weiss Monthly Newsletter for Auto Dealers

Representing auto dealers in all aspects of their businesses has been at the core of Charapp & Weiss for three decades. The Charapp & Weiss Monthly Newsletter for auto dealers contains up-to-date developments in the auto industry and recommendations to ensure successful business operations.

  • July 2018: Feature Articles: Mid-Year Quiz; New York Federal Judge Ruling Does Not Mean the End of the CFPB; Answers
  • June 2018: Feature Articles: Supreme Court Upholds Employment Arbitration; Myth Busters: Finance Reserve; A Reminder on I-9s; Global Data Protection Regulation; Bad Trade Titles: Has It Happened To You?
  • May 2018: Feature Articles: Mythbusters: FTC Used Car Rule; CFPB Defanging Continues
  • April 2018: Feature Articles: Common Sense Prevails; Factory Audits – What Can You Do?; The #METOO Movement and Pay Plans; “We’re From the Government, and We’re Just Here to Help”
  • March 2018: Feature Articles: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; Advertising: Spot the Problem; Advertising: Answers
  • February 2018:  Feature Articles: More Franchise Myths; Don’t Let CFPB Fumbles Affect Your Compliance Efforts; That’s Not Us; Non-disclosure of Sex Harassment and Sex Abuse Settlements
  • January 2018:  Feature Articles: 18 for ’18
  • December 2017 SPECIAL EDITION : The Military Lending Act
  • December 2017 Feature Articles: Discrimination and Harassment – A Refresher
  • November 2017 Feature Articles: Cyber Crimes: Why You Should be Very Afraid; Congress Kills the CFPB Arbitration Rule; The More Things Change…
  • October 2017 Feature Articles: Franchisors Are Becoming More Agressive; What About You?; New Information from the FTC on the Used Car Rule; What Are The Trump Priorities
  • September 2017 Feature Articles: The New GM Policy, And Why It Is Important For All Dealers; Make America De-Regulated Again
  • August 2017 Feature Articles: Controlled Change; Arbitration Update; DOL Restarts Consideration of the White Collar Overtime Rule; Government Issues New Form I-9

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